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Want To Be A Champion?

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Want to be a Champion? Start behaving like one, Start training like one.


Sport champions know how to win and accomplish their dreams. They have learnt the secrets of winning and success in sport. Some of these points might be harder to apply than it actually seems.

1. Second effort

- Making that extra effort can make the difference between winning and barely losing. It means going the extra-mile when you are tired, when victory is not guarantee, when things look bleak. You must fight and win this mind game with YOURSELF before anything.

2. Get it done

- High achievers use this phrase strongly and constantly to display their commitment to the task at hand. They do whatever it takes, against all odds, to succeed, once they have made the commitment to succeed. There is no doubt that it will happen. Jus “get it done” don’t procrastinate.

3. The Killer Instinct

- Only true champions have this. This is what WildCards specialize in. This will bring you to greater heights. This is what stares your opponents down. We have no qualms in defeating you. We keep our sights aimed on victory and are unrelenting as we forge ahead to victory. It is not arrogance, it is not confidence, it is pure killer instinct.

4. Performing to Win

- Champions are not bashful or ashamed to say they love winning. The feeling of winning is beyond explanation but the thought of losing irks. They perform positively, confidently and like they mean it. They take bold, yet reasoned chances and believe that they will succeed. They play with positive expectancy of success.

5. In-The-Zone

- The high achievers know how to climb into that optimal performance zone and ride the wave of success. They know how to get in the flow and allow things to happen. They don’t get in their own way and block themselves. They soar with success.

6. Getting the Momentum.

- Peak performers understand and use momentum to their advantage. Every competition has momentum and the secret is to identify it and tap into it. A champion increases the momentum and the chances of success by ramping up energy and by taking more chances when they have it. They honor and use momentum.

7. No Minds Games

- I never believed in mind games. Neither does my teammates. I believe in crushing all my opponents with pure wrathful power. Mind games should not affect you as a champion AND neither should you play any. It’s pure integrity.

8. Self Console after defeat

- A real champion does not console oneself after a defeat. Find out what’s wrong and what happened. Admit your loss. Train to be stronger and come back stronger. If you are someone that would say, “It’s not winning or losing that matters, it’s what we gained in the process” or “There is nothing to lose and everything to gain when we join a competition”, you properly have not won anything before and will never start winning anything until you change your mindset.

9. Losing

- This is the last and finale most important thing a champion should know. Hate losing, never Fear losing. It is this fear that will make you never want to lose ever again and yet, it is this fear that will shoot you to greater heights and make you stronger.

P.S. I have lost so many times that I have lost count; both in life and in sports. That's why I am a true champion. =)

This is Gary signing off. I AM NOT SHREK! T.T

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