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Good job guys.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hi guys,

Don't worry im not blogging about DIY..

So far so good. DIYS have been going well, the squads individual proficiency has risen by a few classes in the last 1-2 months. And thanks to your own commitment, DIY attendance has been audaciously good (opps i broached into DIY again) and my job scope has become much easier.

However, what is more astounding is that the inequality in the skill levels have narrowed tremendously in the squad, every base can stunt with any flyer because the difference in skill level has really narrowed. For instance, our partner stunts training we finally see more active rotation compared to the convention thinking of one base who only knows how to stunt with one flyer. This way, every flyer and every base has the opportunity to progress and we have distanced ourselves from a superstar flyer concept.

However being a japanese, the "KAIZEN" theory of constant improvement has to apply. Whatever you do well, there is always a way to get things done better and more efficiently.

For instance i realised that on occasion, our flyers and bases are over eager to learn stunts and focus so much on the end result that they forget about the essential process of what they have to do to hit it. This results in people shutting off the advice of coaches, peers and most importantly video evidence.

Passion is neccesary but not obsession. More haste but less speed-> this means that you should clock more mileage on doing your stunts, but don't rush it, just do it once do it good and rinse and repeat.

One positive example of this theory is my DIY superstar Isaac from the land of mainland china. Hes considered a smaller base in the team, but that doesnt stop him from achieving his partner stunts progression or cheer abilities. To emphasize further, he cant lock his right elbow because of a previous skating incident. But so what? he easily mastered his right cupie and just today just got his left cupie(i owe u ice lemon tea). What i found so effective for Isaac was that he did things differently.

1) Every time he stunted and busted the stunt, he bothered to stop and think and sought the advice of his peers who already mastered the stunt.

2) When he sought for advice, he was specific. For example in order to master this stunt from point A to D, he firsted asked how to get from A to B then from B onwards. Your overeagerness to hit stunts doesn't change the fact you still have to move from point A to point B to point C and finally D to get things right. Not everyone has the talent to go from A to D just like that, if you dont training smart and knowing what to do is a form of talent in itself. Read Brad Gilberts book on "Winning Ugly", a good insight on how people should focus less on winning and more on the steps of how to win, neglecting whether you win pretty or ugly. Likewise doesnt matter if you take a longer, uglier or slower route as long as you know that is the method that suits you best.

3) He was willing to listen to different solutions and stuck with the solution which worked best for him. If the suggested solutions did'nt work, he modified and stuck with it.

4) After identifying the right solution, he "rinsed and repeat", clocked enough mileage and got the job done.

5) His DIY attendance has been near perfect except on occasion where he pang sehs me (haha, sorry some shameless advertisement here)

At the end of the day, cut long story short, be a team player and be receptive to advice. You never know that by listen to well founded criticism, you might find yourself improving at rates at a pace you never experienced before. Subsequently, be aware of your stand and what you have to do.

If you have no idea on what are your wants and needs, your coaches and commitee members are there for YOU! Just talk to us on MSN and we can always work together and reidentify what your roles are in WILDCARDS. Subsequently, if there is anything you feel can be done better and that can assist the team in anyway, do drop us a mail, message or talk to us on msn. This is your team and your stakeholdership is equally important to the culture and direction that wildcards is going at, so feel free to be proactive.

Anyway, things have been going good so keep the positive attitude up and coming.
June has been a good month for me with my cap pulling up and the cooperation of all the individual team members in recent training regime. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!

Since i usually sabo joline with random pics, its IZ's turn now with the title of DIY superstar for the month of june for his devotion and dedication for coming to my DIY.

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