Wildcards is a cheerleading youth academy from Singapore that aims to gather and cultivate like-minded individuals who love the sport. For more about us, please visit our main website.
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Ochi Hiroyuki

Saturday, November 6, 2010

As the season 2010/2011 is coming to an end
The current committee would be dissolved and a new committee would be formed
Naturally, some people would be volunteering themselves to be part of the committee for season 2011/2012
Surprisingly we have our FIRST VOLUNTEER HUNGRY and THIRST to contribute to the team so soon
5 months prior to the competition day
*claps claps*

Our first volunteer is none other than
Ochi Hiroyuki

Below are two of his campaign photo
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He promised that he would make everyone in the team do cupie pop over by the National Competition 2012

He also promised that he would help establish good relationship with other teams so to promote cheerleading


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